AMR fire protection system Hapuflam
for preventive fire protection

The preventive fire protection contains numerous measures, in order to avoid a fire before. The outbreak of fire and in addition of high fire damage, have to be prevented by preventive fire protection. Preventive fire protection is the over term for all measures, which prevent or limit in advance the emergence, propagation and effect of fires.

Usually fire protection is operated in buildings. The structural procedure in buildings for example are very various and extend from the used building materials and components, in Germany regulated by DIN 4102 and ENV 1992-1-2, over the structural fire protection in industrial buildings, regulated by DIN 18230, over the emergency exit plans to the installation of fire extinguishing systems.

Fire protection latice and fire procetction systems from Hapuflam

They all together serve for the prevention of fire, particularly important the fire protection fabric.

The Hapuflam fire protection fabric forms by heating or fire a fine pored foam as a sturdy insulating layer. A fire from the cable is very early obstructed by strong foaming and expires proper after short time because of oxygen deficiency. The fabric expands pressure-free up to the 50-fold magnification and closes by an interior fire all openings etc.. In the light of the proofs of considerable institutes (MPA) it has prove to be very useful.

The fabric represents due to the high flexibility and ultimate tensile strength a permanent fire protection at the existing plants .

The constant air circulation on the cables is ensured by the open structure of the fabric (lattice). Hapuflam serves assembly clips (article 8003) for the mounting. The easy opening and locking makes a later allocation possible. (according to Germany DIN 4102 Zul. - NR.: Z-19.22-1798).

The electrical cable systems is in addition completely and substantially secured, because the cable casings, cable bandages and cable full bandages around the cables are installed directly and close. The danger of the heat accumulation inside the casing is lowered clearly by the open structure of the Hapuflam of fire protection fabric.

Hapuflam fire protection fabric worked satisfactorily and is preferably assigned:

In the emergency exit planing , in buildings with ever more strongly becoming penetration of large power supply control and data lines, in buildings with larger gatherings of people (for example train station, airports, museums, congress halls), in buildings with humans who are limited in their motion or inhabited ( hospitals, old people's homes, senior housing complexes etc.), as well as in tunnels.

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  • Chemical and petrochemical industry
  • Refinery, pipeline und fuel depot
  • Paper industry
  • Pharmaceutical production plants
  • Food industry
  • Beverage industry
  • Power stations, heating stations, plants, coolant and district heating industry
  • Offshore plants
  • Sugar plants
  • Plant and engineering constuction
  • Shipping industry
  • Industrial plants, buildings, hospitals, universities, airports, trading areas etc.
  • Plant and engineering industry

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